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what is nexpress commercial?

Nexpress Commercial allows for lower rates, easy payments, quicker travel and tracking on demand. Commercial rates have been updated to reflect axle counts instead of weight. As a Nexpress Commercial customer, your vehicles may receive a discount on the base toll. Weight is still assessed due to required safety standards for the tunnel.

nexpress commercial rates

Windsor to Detroit Detroit to Windsor
Canada Canada
2 Axles 6.50 8.50 6.50 8.50
3 Axles 10.00 13.00 10.00 13.00
4 to 6 Axles 16.00 21.00 16.00 21.00
7 to 9 Axles 30.00 39.75 30.00 39.75
10 Axles or More 41.00 54.00 41.00 54.00
Passenger 3.95 3.95 3.95 4.20
Bus 8.50 8.75 8.50 9.25

rates as of Feb 1, 2018.

easy payments

Nexpress Commercial utilizes prepaid toll funds (opening balance $500.00) with automatic replenishment. When your account reaches the threshold you choose (min. $50.00) it will automatically replenish your account with the credit card you’ve provided. You choose the amount. When your account is replenished, you’ll receive an email notification of the charge. You’ll never need to be concerned about running out of funds for your vehicles. Payment options can be managed online at any time. Please ensure your credit card information stays up to date.

quicker travel

The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel has introduced transponder technology in the form of Windshield Tags. Vehicles can pass through the toll plaza without the need for cards or cash. The antennas in the toll lanes read the tag and apply payment without having to roll down a window. You will order the Windshield Tags online when you create your account.

tracking on demand

Knowing where and when your vehicles travel is valuable information. The Nexpress Commercial account management website includes detailed transaction records for each vehicle with a DWT Windshield Tag. You’ll also have the ability to add or remove tags at any time. You can even name each tag for easy identification.