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what is nexpress® toll?

Nexpress® Toll is a pre-paid account allowing users to cross the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel hassle free. With Nexpress®, you simply drive through any toll lane with your Windshield Tag, or wave your Nexpress® Card and the gate will open. Your account will be deducted only $3.95 per trip in your preferred currency. You do not need to have a Nexus card to use Nexpress® Toll. Please note, Nexpress® Toll is only accepted at the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

how to apply


  1. Create an account here.
  2. Load your account with a $100 deposit in your preferred currency using Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover.
  3. After your payment is received, your Nexpress® Windshield Tag will be mailed to you within ten business days. Nexpress® Cards are available by request only and at additional charge of $10 per card.

by mail:

  1. Download a printable application here.
  2. Mail your application along with a check for $100 made payable to Detroit Windsor Tunnel, LLC to:

    Detroit Windsor Tunnel
    100 E Jefferson Ave.
    Detroit, MI 48226


    Detroit Windsor Tunnel
    555 Goyeau St.
    Windsor, ON N9A 1H1

  3. Your Nexpress® Windshield Tag will be mailed to you within ten business days from the date we receive your initial deposit. Nexpress® Cards are available by request only and at additional charge of $10 per card.

how to use nexpress® toll

Once you receive your Nexpress® Windshield Tag, place it in the upper left corner of the primary vehicle’s windshield. Approach any lane slowly so the tag can be read for the gate to raise. Toll will automatically be deducted from your account in the currency selectly upon sign up.

NOTE: Windsheild tags are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

linking nexpress® to your nexus

new customers can request that their Nexus card be used for toll purposes during the sign-up process.

existing customers can log in to their account, click on Edit Toll Passes on the left and Add Toll Passes to This Account, below. In the pop-up window, include a Pass Name and choose ‘Nexus’ from the Pass Type, hit Save. You will see an image of a printer appear next to your pending activation. Print the barcode and bring this, along with your Nexus card, to an attended lane in either Windsor or Detroit next time you cross. The collector onsite will link your accounts for you. For any questions, please contact our customer support.

reloading your account

Your Nexpress® Windshield Tag will automatically reload when your balance reaches $10.00 or less. Otherwise, you can sign in to your account and reload your card online, or mail us a check.

nexpress commercial

Nexpress Commercial allows for lower rates, easy payments, quicker travel and tracking on demand. Commercial rates have been updated to reflect axle counts instead of weight. As a Nexpress Commercial customer, your vehicles may receive a discount on the base toll. Weight is still assessed due to required safety standards for the tunnel. For more information click here.